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Business Area
Our Business Line
Renewable Energy Resources
Design & Application Solutions
  • Medium Voltage Network Systems

  • Transformaer Installation

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • Cogeneration, Trigeneration Systems

  • Diesel Generators

  • SCADA Power Control Systems

  • Indoor & Outdoor İç Lighting

  • Busbar Systems

  • Electrical Panles and Power Distribution Systems

  • Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • Network, Data, Fiberoptic Systems

  • IP, Telecommunication Systems

  • Fire Detection and Controlling Systems

  • General Audio and Emergency Announcement Systems

  • CCTV Closed Circuit TV Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • IPTV, İnteraktif TV, SMATV Systems

  • Car Counting and Parking Control Systems

  • Audiovisual Systems

  • Building Management Systems

  • Integrated Intelligent Building Systems

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