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About Us

Our mission as Elist Engineering is; the supply and transmission of energy, design and implementation of lighting, communication, networking, automation, audiovisual, (CCTV) closed circuit camera systems. By fulfilling these responsibilities within our principle for perfectionism, our fundamental values are; efficiency, sustainability, occupational health and safety, conscience towards nature. As company our principle is to maintain human health in the highest degree of protection; for infrastructure solutions, as well as for selection of products for technologies directly in contact with human life. As today most of the preferred methods for energy needs have a negative impact on nature, we prefer to use energy saving systems to minimize these impacts. Therefore we support facilities who help to extend environmentally friendly energy resources.

"As Elist Engeneering we serve without any compromise of our principles and values"

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Enlighten our customers about our products and services

  • Deliver customers high quality products and designs in time in the most cost efficient way in line with customer orders and standards

  • Identifying environmental and occupational health and safety hazards in compliance with law and regulations

  • Making necessary risk analysis to prevent threats at their resources

  • Constantly minimizing threats towards environment, life security and property by improving their management system

  • The necessary work environment to ensure compliance with requirements of products and services within the construction site is; working in regard of occupational health and safety, taking environmental protection measures in accordance with laws and reference standards.

  • Imroving team spirit and collaboration among employees by creating an environment of mutual trust, understanding and communication

  • Working with suppliers who favor quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships towards common goals with material and workforce suppliers for continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in the production process,

  • Continuously improving ourselves to determine continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy by complying with quality management system requirements and technological innovations

  • Quality awareness and customer demands are the company's fundamental references for evaluation and assesment of all organizational levels.

  • Quality objectives are key elements in performance evaluation of employees

Our Quality Certificates

Below you can dowload  our quality certificates

Our principles and values

Elist Engineering has fulfilled shop drawings, projects and installations of medium voltage, high current, lighting, low current, telecommunications, automation systems in many qualified buildings. We are a solution oriented company with an experienced and dynamic team who aims to make a difference and create unique projects.

Through our experience, we provide the simplest and most natural way to transform the needs of energy in daily life for high-tech buildings. Construction of the projects according to local and international standards designed by our own designer team, are implemented by application and installation teams within our company. Our team improves every day based on our principle of sustainability and meets the needs of customers with best quality and most accurate solutions.

"Quality and Success" are the basic principles of Elist Engeneering

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